Community-Based Interventions to Eliminate Disparities in Health: Lessons Learned from the Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health (REACH 2010) Program

Translating Research Findings to People: Protecting the Health of All Communities Wayne H. Giles, MD, MS; James S. Marks, MD, MPH; Julie Louise Gerberding, MD
Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health (REACH 2010): An Overview Wayne H. Giles, MD, MS; Pattie Tucker, DrPH; Levator Brown, BA; Cyntia Crocker, BA; Nkenge Jack, MPH; Annie Latimer, MSA; Youlian Liao, MD; Thijuanie Lockhart; Sara McNary, MPH; Michael Sells, MS; Virginia Bales Harris, MPH
Health Status among REACH 2010 Communities, 2001-2002 Youlian Liao, MD; Pattie Tucker, DrPH, RN; Wayne H. Giles, MD, MS
Exploring Access to Cancer Control Services for Asian-American and Pacific Islander Communities in Southern California Sora Park Tanjasiri, MPH, DrPH; Jacqueline H. Tran; Marjorie Kagawa-Singer, RN, MN, PhD; Mary Anne Foo, MPH; Heng L. Foong; Susan W. Lee; Tu-Uyen Ngoc Nguyen, MPH, PhD; Jordan Rickles, MPP; Jennifer S. Wang
The Boston Haitian HIV Prevention Coalition Formative Evaluation: A Participatory Approach to Community Self-Assessment Anna Madison, PhD; Richard Hung, PhD; Eustache Jean-Louis, MPH, MD
Reducing Disparities among African-American and Latino Residents of Detroit: The Essential Role of Community Planning Focus Groups Edith C. Kieffer, PhD; Sharla K. Willis, DrPH; Angela M. Odoms-Young, PhD; J. Ricardo Guzman, MSW, MPH; Alex J. Allen, MSA; Jackie Two Feathers, MPH; Jimena Loveluck, MSW
Exploring Ethnic Disparities in Diabetes, Diabetes Care, and Lifestyle Behaviors: The Nashville REACH 2010 Community Baseline Survey Stephania T. Miller, PhD; David G. Schlundt, PhD; Celia Larson, PhD; Ronald Reid; James W. Pichert, PhD; Margaret Hargreaves, PhD; Anne Brown, ANPc; Linda McClellan, MPH; Michelle Marrs, EdM
Overcoming Historical and Institutional Distrust: Key Elements in Developing and Sustaining the Community Mobilization Against HIV in the Boston Haitian Community Nesly Metayer, Doctorate, EDM candidate; Eustache Jean-Louis, MD, MPH; Anna Madison, PhD
The Development of a Community Action Plan to Reduce Breast and Cervical Cancer Disparities Between African-American and White Women Mona N. Fouad, MD, MPH; M. Christine Nagy, PhD; Rhoda E. Johnson, PhD; Theresa A. Wynn, Phd; Edward E. Partridge, MD; Mark Dignan, PhD
Intermediate Outcomes of a Tribal Community Public Health Infrastructure Assessment Kevin C. English, RPh, MPH; Nina Wallerstein, DrPH; Michelle Chino, PhD; Carolyn E. Finster, MSHA; Alvin Rafelito, BS; Sarah Adelky; Marianna Kennedy, MSW, MPA, MPH
Using Focus Groups to Understand Health-Related Practices and Perceptions of African Americans: Nashville REACH 2010 Preliminary Findings Stephania T. Miller, PhD; Christina Mushi, MPH, Nasar U. Ahmed, PhD; Celia Larson, PhD; Linda McClellan, MPH; Michelle Marrs, EdM
A Qualitative Assessment of Charlotte REACH: An Ecological Perspective for Decreasing CVD and Diabetes Among African Americans Rita DeBate, PhD; Marcus Plescia, MD; Dennis Joyner, MPH; LaPronda Spann, BS
A Community-Based Approach to Diabetes Control in Multiple Cultural Groups Cheza Collier Garvin, PhD; Allen Cheadle, PhD; Noel Chrisman, PhD; Roxana Chen, MPH; Emily Brunson, BA
Wellness within REACH: Mind, Body, and Soul: A No-Cost Physical Activity program for African Americans in Portland, Oregon to Combat Cardiovascular Disease Corliss McKeever, MSW; Collaine Faddis, MPH; Nancy Koroloff, PhD; Jessica Henn, MPH
A Birth Records Analysis of the Maternal Infant Health Advocate Service Program: A Paraprofessional Intervention Aimed at Addressing Infant Mortality in African Americans Haslyn E.R. Hunte, MPH, MPIA; Tonya M. Turner, BBA; Harld A. Pollack, PhD; E. Yvonne Lewis, BA
Eliminating Disparities in HIV DIsease: Community Mobilization to Prevent HIV Transmission among Black and HIspanic Young Adults in Broward County, Florida William W. Darrow, PhD; Julie E. Montanea, MPH; Paula B. Fernandez, PhD; Ula F. Zucker, BA; Dionne P. Stephens, PhD; Hugh Gladwin, PhD
Practice-Based Interventions to Improve Health Care for Latinos with Diabetes G. Dean Clegborn, EdD; Meeta Nguyen, MD, MPH; Blair Roberts, MD, MPH; Gilda Duran, MS; Trinidad Tellez, MD; Migna Alecon
Increasing Viatnamese-American Physicians' Knowledge of Cervical Cancer and Pap Testing: Impact of Continuing Medical Education Programs Ky Q. Lai, MD, MPH; Tung T. Nguyen, MD; Jeremiah Mock, MSc, PhD; Stephen J. McPhee, MD; Hiep Trong Doan, MD; Tanh H. Pham, MD
People with Diabetes: Knowledge, Perceptions, and Applications of Recommendations for Diabetes Management Marilyn Givens King, DNSc, RN; Carolyn Jenkins, DrPH, APRN-BC-ADM, RD, FAAN; Charles Hossler, MSN, RN, PhD Student; Barbara Carlson, MLIS; Gayenell Magwood, MSN, RN, CCTC, PhD Student; Katherine Hendrix, PhD
Community Empowerment to Reduce Childhood Immunization Disparities in New York City Sally Findley, PhD; Matilde Irigoyen, MD; Martha Sanchez, BA; Letty Guzman, BA; Miriam Mejia, BA; Michelle Sajous, BA; Deborah Levine, ACSW; Frank Chimkin, MBA, MSW; Shaofu Chen, MD, PhD

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