The ISHIB Diabetes and Obesity Consortium (DOC) is convening its first ever convention on "Management of Diabetes and its Comorbidities in African Americans: New Insights." The convention will feature robust interactive discussions on diabetes and obesity and their comorbid conditions, as well as the implications in African Americans in the era of Healthcare Reform.

Join us as The Ohio State University welcomes the ISHIB DOC to their Fawcett Center on campus to bring together top researchers and opinion leaders to interact with all those who have interest in diabetes care and health economics.

For DOC Conference inquiries and registration information please call,
Ms. Terry Jackson at 770-898-7910
The ISHIB DOC is a multidisciplinary organization of healthcare providers with a primary focus on overcoming healthcare disparities specific to diabetes, obesity, and related cardiovascular and metabolic diseases among ethnic populations.

The ISHIB DOC operates under the larger ISHIB umbrella to continue the over two decade mission of improving the health and life expectancy of ethnic minorities.