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Creating Healthy African American Families
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Keith C. Norris, MD


The Healthy African American Families (HAAF) Project: From Community-based Participatory Research to Community-partnered Participatory Research
Cynthia D. Ferre, MA; Loretta Jones, MA; Keith C. Norris, MD; Diane L. Rowley, MD, MPH

Story of Stone Soup: A Recipe to Improve Health Disparities
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Bowen Chung, MD, MSHS; Loretta Jones, MA; Chrystene Terry, LCSW; Andrea Jones; Nell Forge, MPH, PhD; Keith C. Norris, MD

Participation in Action: The Healthy African American Families Community Conference Model
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Loretta Jones, MA; Barry E. Collins, PhD

Ethnographic Evaluation of a Research Partnership between Two African American Communities and a University
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Pauline E. Brooks, PhD

The Healthy African American Families’ Risk Communications Initiative: Using Community Partnered Participatory Research to Address Preterm Birth at the Local Level
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Loretta Jones, MA; Kynna Wright, PhD, MPH; Aziza Wright, MEd; Neysa Dillon Brown, MSPH; Marsha Broussard, MPH; Vijaya Hogan, MPH, DrPH

One Hundred Intentional Acts of Kindness Toward a Pregnant Woman: Building Reproductive Social Capital in Los Angeles
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Loretta Jones, MA; Michael C. Lu, MD, MPH; Aziza Lucas-Wright, MEd; Neysa Dillon-Brown, MHS; Marsha Broussard, MPH; Kynna Wright, PhD, MPH; Molly Maidenberg; Keith Norris, MD; Cynthia Ferre, MA

Community Perspectives: Mixed-Methods Investigation of Culture, Stress, Resilience, and Health
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Cleopatra M. Abdou, PhD; Christine Dunkel Schetter, PhD; Felica Jones; Danielle Roubinov, MA; Sid Tsai, BA; Loretta Jones, MA; Michael Lu, MD, MPH; Calvin Hobel, MD

Where Is the F in MCH? Father Involvement in African American Families
Michael C. Lu, MD, MPH; Loretta Jones, MA; Melton J. Bond, PhD; Kynna Wright, PhD, MPH; Maiteeny Pumpuang, MPH; Molly Maidenberg, MSW, MPH; Drew Jones, MPH; Craig Garfield, MD, MAPP; Diane L. Rowley, MD, MPH

Closing the Black-White Gap in Birth Outcomes: A Life-course Approach
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Michael C. Lu, MD, MPH; Milton Kotelchuck, PhD, MPH; Vijaya Hogan, DrPH; Loretta Jones, MA; Kynna Wright, PhD, MPH; Neal Halfon, MD, MPH

A Roadmap for Authentic Community/Academic Engagement for Developing Effective Community Preterm Birth Education
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Kynna Wright, PhD, MPH; Loretta Jones, MA; Vijaya Hogan, DrPH