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Sidney McNairy, Jr., PhD, DSc
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A Profile of Chronic Mental and Physical Conditions Among African-American and Latino Children in Urban Public Housing
Mohsen Bazargan, PhD; José L. Calderón, MD; Kevin C. Heslin, PhD; Christina Mentes, PhD; Magda A. Shaheen, MD, PhD; Jennifer Ahdout, BS; Richard S. Baker, MD
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Attenuation of Exaggerated Exercise Blood Pressure Response in African-American Women by Regular Aerobic Physical Activity
Vernon Bond, EdD; Richard M. Millis, PhD; R. George Adams, MD; Luc M. Oke, MD, PhD; Larry Enweze, MD; Raymond Blakely, PhD; Marshall Banks, PhD; Terry Thompson, MD; Thomas Obisesan, MD; Jennifer C. Sween, BS
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The Relationship of Racism to Appraisals and Coping in a Community Sample
Elizabeth Brondolo, PhD; Shola Thompson; Nisha Brady; Risa Appel, PhD; Andrea Cassells, MPH;Jonathan N. Tobin, PhD; Monica Sweeney, MD
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Multi-Cultural Surveillance for Ectopic Pregnancy: California 1991-2000
Jose L. Calderón, MD; Magda Shaheen, MD; Deyu Pan, MS; Senait Teklehaimenot, MPH;Paul L. Robinson, PhD; Richard S. Baker, MD
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A Comparison of the Sociodemographic, Risk-Behavior, and Substance-Abuse Profile of Young vs Older HIV-Infected Puerto Rican Patients
Diana M. Fernández, MS; Mari´a de los A. Gómez, PhD; Wanda Figueroa, MD; Miriam Vela´zquez, MS;Doris V. Báez, MS; Eddy Ríos-Olivares, PhD, MS; Robert F. Hunter, MD, FACP
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Racial Differences in Institutionalization after Hip Fractures: California Hospital Discharge Data
Kalpana Ganesan, MD; Deyu Pan, MS; Senait Teklehaimenot, MPH; Keith Norris, MD
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College-Age, African-American Males’ Misperceptions about Weight Status, Body Size, and Shape
Susan M. Gross, PhD; Pamela E. Scott-Johnson, PhD; Dorothy C. Browne, DrPH
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Oral Health Disparities and Periodontal Disease in Asian and Pacific Island Populations
Rosanne C. Harrigan, EdD; David Easa, MD; Claude LeSaux, PhD; Lynnae Millar, MD; Lynette E. Kagihara, DDS; T. Samuel Shomaker, MD, JD; Mark H. K. Greer, DMD; James D. Beck, PhD;Steven Offenbacher, DDS, PhD
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Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms and Adherence Among Women Living with HIV
Cibel M. Hilerio, MS; José Martínez, Ph.D.; Carmen D. Zorrilla, MD; Rosimar Torres, MD
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Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury: Do Racial/Ethnic Disparities Exist in Brain Injury Severity, Mortality, or Medical Disposition?
Ivory Howard, MPH; Jill G. Joseph, MD, PhD; JoAnne E. Natale, MD, PhD
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Mortality Trends of HIV-Infected Patients After the Introduction of Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy: Analysis of a Cohort of 3,322 HIV-Infected Persons
Angel M. Mayor, MD; María A. Gómez, PhD; Eddy Ríos-Oliveras, PhD; Robert F. Hunter-Mellado, MD
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Invasive Group A Streptococcal Disease: Race, Hypotension, and Immunogenetics
Zuber D. Mulla, MSPH, PhD; Shawn G. Gibbs, PhD
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Identifying Nonrandom Occurrences of Simple Sequence Repeats in Genomic DNA Sequences
Wilfred Ndifon; Asamoah Nkwanta, PhD; Dwayne Hill, PhD
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An Overview of Obesity and Diabetes in the Diverse Populations of the Pacific
May Okihiro, MD; Rosanne Harrigan, EdD, MS, APRN-Rx
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The Hemotoxicity of Para-Substituted Aniline Analogs in Dog and Rat Erythrocytes: a Species Comparison
Elissa T. Purnell, PhD; Harpal Singh, PhD
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Expression of IQ-Motif Genes in Human Cells and ASPM Domain Structure
Allen Rhoads, BS, PhD; Hilaire Kenguele, BS, MS
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HIV Infection and Risk Behavior of Hispanic Farm Workers at the West Texas-Mexico Border
Armando Varela-Ramirez, PhD; Adrian Mejia, BS; David Garcia, BS; Julia Bader, PhD;Renato J. Aguilera, PhD
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The Prevalence of Hypovitaminosis D Among US Adults: Data from the NHANES III
Ashraf Zadshir, MD; Naureen Tareen, MD; Deyu Pan, MS; Keith Norris, MD; David Martins, MD
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The Impact of Routine Vitamin Supplementation on Serum Levels of 25 (OH) D3 Among the General Adult Population and Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease
Naureen Tareen, MD; David Martins, MD; Ashraf Zadshir, MD; Deyu Pan, MS; Keith C. Norris, MD
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The Research Subjects Advocate at Minority Clinical Research Centers: An Added Resource for Protection of Human Subjects
David Easa, MD; Keith Norris, MD; Zoë Hammatt, Esq, MPhil; Kari Kim, BA, CIP;Esther Hernandez, RN, BSN; Kambrie Kato; Venkataraman Balaraman, MD; Tammy Ho, MBA; Samuel Shomaker, MD, JD
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Improving Hawaiian and Filipino Involvement in Clinical Research Opportunities: QualitativeFindings from Hawaii
Lisa X. Gollin, PhD; Rosanne C. Harrigan, APRN-Rx, EdD, MS; José L. Calderón, MD; John Perez; David Easa, MD
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Morehouse Community Physicians Network (CPN) Hypertension Registry: Patterns of Care and Opportunities for Targeted Medical Education
Priscilla Igho-Pemu, MD, MS; Alexander Quarshie, MD, MS; Adefisayo Oduwole, MD; Rigobert Lapu-Bula, MD, PhD; Robert Mayberry, PhD; Chamberlain Obialo, MD; Gary H. Gibbons, MD; Elizabeth Ofili, MD, MPH
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The Community Physicians’ Network (CPN): An Academic-Community Partnership to EliminateHealthcare Disparities
Elizabeth Ofili, MD, MPH; Priscilla Igho-Pemu, MD, MS; Rigobert Lapu-Bula, MD, PhD; Alexander Quarshie, MD, MS; Chamberlain Obialo, MD; Clifford Thomas, MD; Anekwe Onwanyi, MD;Adefisayo Oduwole, MD; Folake Ojutalayo, MD, MPH; Priscilla Johnson, PhD, MSN;Frederick Murphy, MSPH; Robert Mayberry, PhD; Gregory Strayhorn, MD, PhD
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An Empowerment Intervention for Women Living with HIV and Its Adaptation for Women with a Diagnosis of Breast Cancer
Carmen D. Zorrilla, MD; Lydia E. Santiago, PhD; Cibel Hilerio, MA, PhDc; Georgamaly Estronza, MS;Therese Falk, MPHE
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